I went from shy to outgoing!

It was dancing that changes everything in my social life. Dancing has enriched my life and allowed me to expand into more physical activities that have helped me to lose weight and be in the best shape of my life!


I find that the feeling of satisfaction that I get from learning new and challenging steps in several different dances causes me to want to learn even more! The progression isnt always easy, but it is rewarding to feel more confident and comfortable on the dance floor.


I have friends at the studio that I will cherish for life

The staff at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Glastonbury are courtious, professional, and quite knowledgeable. They provide a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.I have made friends at the studio who I will cherish for life. If you are a competitive or social dancer, this is the studio for you.


I love dancing, its part of my life now!

Its a means to get excersize, to socialize and meet new people. Furthermore, its good for my health. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. I find that here at Arthur Murray, people are very friendly and amenable, and because of this I have been a student here for over ten years!


Dancing has made my husband and I closer

Dancing has made my husband and I closer, as now we have our passion for dancing. Arthur Murray has enriched our lives through dance and friendships. My teacher is so encouraging, which has given me great confidence dancing socially and competitively.